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Shadey 10/8/2014 3:41 AM
261032 to be exact
Duilynn1 10/2/2014 4:49 AM
7, Blizz responded, the recovery goes through you as the guild leader sorry. Add me on battlenet again so I can try get it sorted.
Duilynn1 9/29/2014 7:32 PM
Seven and Lil can you add my battletag duilynn#1297, seems like the hackers didn't like you and removed you from my friends list.
Duilynn1 9/29/2014 7:11 PM
I got hacked, they took 210k from the guild bank. I am in the process of working it out with Blizz. It wasn't me I swears!
Shadey 9/3/2014 7:13 AM
oh gratz guys, so glad you have managed to keep raiding together
Antì 8/31/2014 6:55 AM
I was at training, Only use 3 healers (bad luck matt) and cut back from 3 to 2 tanks (unlucky ret). Pushing to p3 before the 2nd intermission is quite the race.
Antì 8/31/2014 6:50 AM
Matt, Ret and myself werent in the run though :(. Dan and vernz got the kill.
Antì 8/31/2014 6:49 AM
Dead H Garrosh :)
Antì 8/16/2014 10:23 AM
also rather inconveniently, smack bang in the middle of exams
Mefisto11 8/15/2014 2:02 AM
ok then...mid november...straight after blizzcon
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Make It So was established at the start of WoTLK, we are a small guild of active low-key players.

Our main focus is on 10 man raiding.

Our raid team finished cataclysm with 8/8H mode cleared. While we dont plan on getting any server firsts raiding in Mists of Pandaria, we do plan on steady progression with a team of like minded, committed raiders.

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